Taking the pressure off sports competition

from: KidsHealth.org Sports are a great way to have fun and stay active. Kids have lots of choices about which sports to do and whether to compete in sports or just play them for fun. One kid might be happy to shoot baskets at the park, whereas another kid may prefer being on a basketballContinue reading “Taking the pressure off sports competition”

Being a good sport

from: KidsHealth.org Emily was crying by the time the softball game ended. It wasn’t because her team had lost. It wasn’t because she was unhappy about her own playing. It wasn’t even because of anything the other team had said or done. Emily’s tears came after her dad yelled at her — in front ofContinue reading “Being a good sport”

Fitness for kids who don’t like sports

Cara Zara note: Hula-Hooping is a wonderful physical fitness idea for kids who don’t like sports. Kids can hoop all by themselves or with a group of friends or as a class. It’s non-competitive and of course fun!  Article below from KidsHealth.org Team sports can boost kids’ self-esteem, coordination, and general fitness, and help themContinue reading “Fitness for kids who don’t like sports”

I Learned it on the Playground

from: Hollyburn Elementary School by  Valerie Bradyon 4/4/2013 Playground interactions are the building blocks of rich childhood memories.  Playing freely on a playground with other children is more than just fun and games.  It is a way for children to master social skills and learn about themselves and the world around them.  The benefits of children’s play andContinue reading “I Learned it on the Playground”

Motivating Kids To Be Active

from: KidsHealth.org Keeping Kids Active Anyone who’s seen kids on a playground knows that most are naturally physically active and love to move around. But what might not be apparent is that climbing to the top of a slide or swinging from the monkey bars can help lead kids to a lifetime of being active.Continue reading “Motivating Kids To Be Active”