Dealing with a Bully – What do I do?

[NOTICE: video contains explicit language] I’m proud of this boy for going to his dad and for his non-violent stance. He says he went through the proper channels at the YMCA to get help and I’m incredibly disappointed that he was still struggling afterward and needed to contact Zaya X. I’m glad they let his voiceContinue reading “Dealing with a Bully – What do I do?”

Hoop Class at the Johnston YMCA Monday June 6th & Monday June 13th

Hi! I will be teaching Wendy’s class at the Johnston YMCA in NODA on Monday June 6th and Monday June 13th at 5:30pm in the gym. Come groove and spin some hoops with me! If you’re on the southside of Charlotte and want to carpool with me, let me know. Here’s a link for directions:Continue reading “Hoop Class at the Johnston YMCA Monday June 6th & Monday June 13th”

Kids Hoop Dance Classes…

The best part about teaching kids hooping is that they just pick up the hoop and keep trying no matter how many times the hoop drops. They completely embrace the silliness of the Hula Hoop and can’t fathom taking it seriously enough to become frustrated. I love them for that quality! I’m excited about teachingContinue reading “Kids Hoop Dance Classes…”