Birthday Party Idea: Glam It Up

Moms and dads have asked me for party theme suggestions for their child’s Cara Zara hula hoop birthday. I’ve compiled a few playful ideas for inspiration that I discovered on the Parents magazine website that would be a wonderful combination with hula-hooping. For more details on how you can create this party theme visit: Parent MagazineContinue reading “Birthday Party Idea: Glam It Up”

Cara Zara Festival Hooping with Charlotte Skyline

Beautiful weather shows off the beautiful backdrop of the Charlotte skyline for a festival performance at Romare Bearden Park. Cara Zara Hula Hoop Entertainer.

Elf on the Shelf Warning

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A DIRTY LETTER – WTRF – Wrong treatment of children

UGH!! MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL! A news station in West Virginia (WTRF) posted this teacher’s note which told parents to clean their children before sending them to school. “TELL US: Do you think the teacher is out of line? A DIRTY LETTER: A school teacher took measures into her own hands. She sent out thisContinue reading “A DIRTY LETTER – WTRF – Wrong treatment of children”

Lesson about Children by Embodied Movement – Dance Movement Therapy

I read this today by Embodied Movement – Dance Movement Therapy on Facebook and had to share it because it is exactly why I love teaching and entertaining children. True and heart-warming. Much love, Cara Zara Lesson about Children. Children have this natural channel of love and kindness. It flows right from their hearts. TheyContinue reading “Lesson about Children by Embodied Movement – Dance Movement Therapy”