End Corporal Punishment in Schools Act 2015 – Cara Zara

HURRAY! As of April 2015 all 50 states have passed anti-bullying laws. BUT WAIT LAW MAKERS! Don’t put down the law signing pen yet! Our kids still need you to protect them. 28 states allow Corporal Punishment in public and private schools giving teachers and other authorized caregivers the right to physically discipline children byContinue reading “End Corporal Punishment in Schools Act 2015 – Cara Zara”

Schoolhouse Rock – The Body Machine and Hula Hooping

Schoolhouse Rock knows how to explain the relationship between fitness and food! Exercise animation: weight-lifting, jump-roping, rowing, dancing, and of course… HULA-HOOPING. In fact hula-hooping is throughout this fun clip and featured at the end. LOVE IT! +++++++++++++++++ CARA ZARA HULA HOOP TEACHER & ENTERTAINER CHARLOTTE NC / 704-540-1456 Want more info on hooping, classes,Continue reading “Schoolhouse Rock – The Body Machine and Hula Hooping”