How to help a friend who is hurting?

Dr Brené Brown‘s sweetly funny video about empathy vs sympathy teaches us how to connect with others who are sad. I saw this video when it first came out and as Bear climbed down into the hole to be with Fox I thought “yes – exactly”. Since then I’ve learned the importance of inner strength andContinue reading “How to help a friend who is hurting?”

We need a better way to say “Mental Disorder” for kids

If we have a tooth ache we aren’t embarrassed to say “I need to go to the dentist”. If we think we’ve broken a bone we aren’t afraid to say “I think I need to get an x-ray”. So saying “I think I need to talk to someone – like a therapist” should be theContinue reading “We need a better way to say “Mental Disorder” for kids”

San Diego 14 year old teen commits suicide after bullying over embarrassing video

San Deigo CA July 15, 2014 ~ CBS News: 14-year-old Matthew Burdette committed suicide after classmates tormented him over an embarrassing video of him in the bathroom. His family is considering legal action against the school.

Dad believes bullying caused 12-year-old daughter to commit suicide

EVERETT, Wash. May 14, 2015 — Hundreds of students marched out of Evergreen Middle School in this town north of Seattle Monday as they paid their respects to a fellow student who family members say took her own life. Twelve-year-old Amber Rose Caudel died last Thursday, and her father believes that bullying was the reason.Continue reading “Dad believes bullying caused 12-year-old daughter to commit suicide”

They Say (Bullying Short Film)

Excellent short film on bullying shows how bullies can be cruel and then flip to charming when they want something. As a target of bullying a girl is desperate for the relief of not being the focus of torment that she (intentionally? innocently? – it’s vague and perfect that way) does something that has regretfulContinue reading “They Say (Bullying Short Film)”