LED Circus Entertainment Fresh Take on Poi

All I can say is WOW! What are they using to create this amazing performance? I really want to play with these toys. This is a visual treat. I’m amazed at the synchronization with each other and the music. Absolutely splendid. CARA ZARA HULA-HOOP ENTERTAINER & TEACHER Charlotte NC – 704-540-1456 Event Entertainment – BirthdayContinue reading “LED Circus Entertainment Fresh Take on Poi”

Whip It!

Go For It Move Ahead Try To Detect It It’s Not Too Late To Whip It Whip It Good I woke up singing this song – What in the world was I dreaming about last night? Maybe I was dreaming about running away and joining the circus – which right now sounds really tempting. SomeContinue reading “Whip It!”