Spreading her wings

Sacred Heart Middle School eighth grader Cate Perakslis spreads her wings while she and her classmates performed with Dallas Chief Eagle II during an assembly at Sacred Heart School’s Link Auditorium in Yankton Friday. Chief Eagle, who is a recognized master of the Lakota Hoop Dance, worked with Sacred Heart students throughout the week asContinue reading “Spreading her wings”

Birthday Idea: Carnival Party

Moms and dads have asked me for party theme suggestions for their child’s Cara Zara hula hoop birthday. I’ve compiled a few playful ideas for inspiration that I discovered on the Parents magazine website that would be a wonderful combination with hula-hooping. For more details on how you can create this party theme visit: Parent MagazineContinue reading “Birthday Idea: Carnival Party”

The Dazzling Hula Hoop Kids of Puerto Vallarta

In this video, Marcela Garcia delighted us with a montage featuring her talented hula hoop students from the Danzirco School of Performing Arts (Danzirco Escuela de artes escénicas) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We are seriously impressed by how talented this group of children are as they demonstrate their skills in front of the camera. ThereContinue reading “The Dazzling Hula Hoop Kids of Puerto Vallarta”

Cara Zara and Hula Hoops at Carolina Place Mall Spring Festival

Hey Kids (big & small)! It’s a circus at Carolina Place! Come hula-hoop with me at Carolina Place Mall this Saturday March 16, 2013. I’ll be there from 12pm-2pm sharing hula hoops, teaching hoop tricks and performing with my circus friends. Spring Family Festival Carolina Place Mall 3/16/2013 Time: 11am – 2pm Location: Center CourtContinue reading “Cara Zara and Hula Hoops at Carolina Place Mall Spring Festival”

CARA ZARA Hula Hoop Party Featured in Charlotte Smarty Pants

Party with Cara Zara by Tina Hicks – Charlotte Smarty Pants Remember when you were a kid and found pure entertainment playing outside with a jump rope, chalk or piece of mulch to create hopscotch, or with a hula hoop? I hold many fond memories of giggling with my friends while playing these simple, funContinue reading “CARA ZARA Hula Hoop Party Featured in Charlotte Smarty Pants”