Matthews Alive Festival – Cara Zara Hoop Dancer

Cara Zara at the Matthews Alive Festival Children’s Stage Labor Day Weekend – I had so much fun with this performance there were all these little kids sitting in the grass with big smiles. It really warmed my heart. There was a huge storm the night before and the stage was soaking wet. It wasContinue reading “Matthews Alive Festival – Cara Zara Hoop Dancer”

Cara Zara Hoop Dancing at Matthews Alive Festival

Matthews Alive Festival: For this hoop routine I had just finished telling the audience that when I teach kids in my hooping classes they always want to learn how to do the one trick that took me 5 years to master and they want to learn it in 20 seconds. This routine is my wayContinue reading “Cara Zara Hoop Dancing at Matthews Alive Festival”