Cara Zara Featured in Charlotte Observer’s Mompreneur Article

Meet the Mompreneur: Hooping Cara! By Cara Zara is a South Charlotte mom of 2 who also is a professional hula-hoop dancer! She performs at festivals, events, and  birthday parties. She also teaches the art and fitness of hula-hooping with  after-school programs and summer camps.  Q. How well is your business is doing? For overContinue reading “Cara Zara Featured in Charlotte Observer’s Mompreneur Article”

Hula Hooping at FunkFest 2011

Congratulations to Erin and Jen on their 1 year anniversary of FunkyTown Parties. FunkFest 2011 was a smashing success with over 700 people in attendance. It was a joy to hoop for the kids. I even had a surprise visit from some of my hoop students (Angelina, Madeline) and of course my daughter Anneliese wasContinue reading “Hula Hooping at FunkFest 2011”