Hula Hoop Summer Camp at Charlotte Country Day School

Creative crafts, magnificent music, giggly “get-up-and-go” games, trance-inducing hoop tricks, impulsive improv theatre, dancing, cool costumes and plenty of playful silly fun to keep your kids happy and active this summer. Click individual tabs above for camp locations/times/dates etc. Hula-Hoop Dance Camp Location: 1440 Carmel Road ~ Charlotte, NC 28226 Dates: June 17–21, 2013 Time:Continue reading “Hula Hoop Summer Camp at Charlotte Country Day School”

Hula-Hoop Cha Cha Slide Video

Start the video at the 45 second mark. I love her Cha Cha move!! CARA ZARA – HULA-HOOP ENTERTAINER & TEACHER – 704-540-1456 – CARA@CARAZARA.COM – WWW.CARAZARA.COM +++++++

Hula-Hoop Class at Chesterbrook Academy

I’ll be at the Ballantyne Chesterbrook Academy on Thursdays starting in September! CARA ZARA – HULA HOOP ENTERTAINER & TEACHER – CHARLOTTE NC – 704-540-1456