The Dazzling Hula Hoop Kids of Puerto Vallarta

In this video, Marcela Garcia delighted us with a montage featuring her talented hula hoop students from the Danzirco School of Performing Arts (Danzirco Escuela de artes escénicas) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We are seriously impressed by how talented this group of children are as they demonstrate their skills in front of the camera. ThereContinue reading “The Dazzling Hula Hoop Kids of Puerto Vallarta”

Hula Hoop Summer Camp at Charlotte Country Day School

Creative crafts, magnificent music, giggly “get-up-and-go” games, trance-inducing hoop tricks, impulsive improv theatre, dancing, cool costumes and plenty of playful silly fun to keep your kids happy and active this summer. Click individual tabs above for camp locations/times/dates etc. Hula-Hoop Dance Camp Location: 1440 Carmel Road ~ Charlotte, NC 28226 Dates: June 17–21, 2013 Time:Continue reading “Hula Hoop Summer Camp at Charlotte Country Day School”

Providence Day School Hula Hoop Class

Providence Day now offers three levels of hula hoop classes starting after Labor Day weekend. Class is on Monday afternoons. Hooping is a modern spin on the classic fun of the hula-hoop and is perfect way to stay fit for boys and girls. Students will learn how to bring the hoop up, down and off theContinue reading “Providence Day School Hula Hoop Class”

Hula-Hoop Class at Chesterbrook Academy

I’ll be at the Ballantyne Chesterbrook Academy on Thursdays starting in September! CARA ZARA – HULA HOOP ENTERTAINER & TEACHER – CHARLOTTE NC – 704-540-1456

At Recess Hula Hooping Still Trumps Video Games

From — MSNBC reports, “Children still enjoy playing traditional games like skipping and clapping in the playground despite the lure of mobile phones, computer games, and television,” a study has found. Contrary to popular beliefs, schoolyard games are “not overwhelmed, marginalized or threatened by the quantity and plurality of available media,” researchers found. TheirContinue reading “At Recess Hula Hooping Still Trumps Video Games”