Hula Hoop Summer Camp at Providence Day School

Hula Hoop Summer Camp @ Providence Day School Creative crafts, magnificent music, giggly “get-up-and-go” games, trance-inducing hoop tricks, impulsive improv theatre, dancing, cool costumes and plenty of playful silly fun to keep your kids happy and active this summer. Click individual tabs above for camp locations/times/dates etc. Hula-Hoop Camp @ Providence Day School (look under theContinue reading “Hula Hoop Summer Camp at Providence Day School”

Hula-Hoop Summer Camp – Charlotte NC 2012

Join the Big Top of Circus Fun! Learn the art of hoop dance, face-painting, costuming & performance. This creative and active camp features hula-hoop tricks and games, dance, crafts, music & plenty of silly fun! Camps are available at several schools around Charlotte NC. Visit: for updated camp schedule. June 11th-15th – Hula-Hoop CircusContinue reading “Hula-Hoop Summer Camp – Charlotte NC 2012”

Hula Hooping at FunkFest 2011

Congratulations to Erin and Jen on their 1 year anniversary of FunkyTown Parties. FunkFest 2011 was a smashing success with over 700 people in attendance. It was a joy to hoop for the kids. I even had a surprise visit from some of my hoop students (Angelina, Madeline) and of course my daughter Anneliese wasContinue reading “Hula Hooping at FunkFest 2011”