Hula-Hooping with a Wheelchair

I was teaching one of my after school “Hula-Hoop Kid-Fit” classes when a little boy in a wheelchair entered the gym and said  with the saddest voice “I probably can’t do this class”. Enthusiastically I said “Sure you can! Let me get the class started and then I’ll teach you some tricks that you canContinue reading “Hula-Hooping with a Wheelchair”

The Hooping Life – Free Hoop Class Tonight

Brief trailer about hooping for those that are curious. In 2 min it accurately describes “the hooping life”. Free hoop class tonight at 7:30. Contact me for info and to sign up. Happy Thursday. I’m dying for this movie to come to Charlotte. Feel like I’ve been waiting forever! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Hooping Manifesto

Hooping Manifesto: by SaFire – visit The sound of hoops hitting the floor makes you smile because you’re learning. Find freedom in your flow. Explore, expand, experience. Practice makes perfect improvement. We don’t have to learn everything. There is no “best” only different. Break the rules; defy gravity. Bruises are our badges. Comfy clothesContinue reading “Hooping Manifesto”