Spreading her wings

Sacred Heart Middle School eighth grader Cate Perakslis spreads her wings while she and her classmates performed with Dallas Chief Eagle II during an assembly at Sacred Heart School’s Link Auditorium in Yankton Friday. Chief Eagle, who is a recognized master of the Lakota Hoop Dance, worked with Sacred Heart students throughout the week asContinue reading “Spreading her wings”

The 5 P’s for Hooping Newbies: Hooping.org

The 5 P’s for Hooping Newbies by Shea Brock From Hooping.org Recently I had the pleasure of having some of my hoopers stop me after class to comment me on how “fluid” or “graceful” my hooping appears. They wanted to know why it looks at times like I am barely moving while hooping, while theyContinue reading “The 5 P’s for Hooping Newbies: Hooping.org”

“Life Must Be Lived As Play”

“Life must be lived as play.” – Plato This quote, attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher, is profound in its simplicity. When coupled with the unattributed quote “Kids make no separation between fun and learning,” we begin to see the profound potential that play holds as a learning modality. Why would one of humanity’s greatestContinue reading ““Life Must Be Lived As Play””

Cara Zara at Matthews Alive Festival 2013

Cara Zara at Matthews Alive Festival CARA ZARA HOOP DANCE SHOW Date: Saturday 8/31 and Sunday 9/1 Showtime: 2pm both days Location: Cultural Stage (come relax with some nice air conditioning!) ~ Festival Map Link Note: The Cultural Stage is located inside the Matthews Community Center. 100 McDowell Street.  Enter on the left side ofContinue reading “Cara Zara at Matthews Alive Festival 2013”

Cara Zara as Mother Earth for the Library Summer Reading Program

Introducing the children to “The Story of the Root Children” – My favorite part of entertaining is chatting with the kids before the show. “Hula-Hoop Queen of the Universe” Cara Zara is back for another summer of library shows but with a costume change. I’ll be appearing at NC and SC libraries as “Mother Earth”Continue reading “Cara Zara as Mother Earth for the Library Summer Reading Program”