Cara will be on TV today!

I’ll be on TV today promoting staying fit with hula-hooping and my new Hoop Dance Fit class at J’Adore Ballroom on Saturday Mornings at 10am starting in January. So watch me! Tuesday November 30th 11am on WCNC-36 on the Charlotte Today show with Colleen Odegaard.  I’ll give tips for hooping, what type of hoop to get, what to wear, etc. Continue reading “Cara will be on TV today!”

Adult Hula Hoop Fitness Class

Hoop Dance Physical Benefits: burns an impressive 600+ calories an hour tones the entire body by strengthening and lengthening your muscles increases flexibility builds hand-eye coordination improves core strength, balance, and motor skills plus have some fun, smile and shake your groove thing to some cool music Cara – 704-540-1456

Cara Zara Hula Hoop Fitness Article –

I’m writing an article for Carolina Health and Fitness Magazine about Hooping. It will be in the October issue! HOOPING The Total Mind, Spirit, Body Workout (an insider’s hoop scoop) The 1950s Hula-Hoop trend is back with a brand new spin and a grassroots growth that insures that this hoop is here to stay.Continue reading “Cara Zara Hula Hoop Fitness Article –”