Play On: 7 Fun Hula-Hoop Games

Did you know that by adding and modeling the use of a variety of equipment and materials to outdoor play spaces, young children can have higher levels of physical activity? Play props, such as hula hoops, balls and wheeled toys can help children get the 120 minutes of physical activity a day that is recommended¬†(NASPE,Continue reading “Play On: 7 Fun Hula-Hoop Games”

Boy Hula Hooping on Ellen Show

Hula hooping returned to the Ellen DeGeneres television show, only this time around it was a hula hooping boy taking part in a segment on audience member hidden talents. ++++  

Cara Zara New Ad in Kids’ Directory


How to Make a Hula Hoop (directions written & illustrated by my daughter)

Anneliese, my star hooping student and daughter, wrote this instruction manual for “How to Make a Hula Hoop”. Love it! This was for a 1st grade writing project. I’m delighted that she chose this as her subject matter. The author and illustrator! Anneliese ++++

Research Shows Hooping Can Control Body Weight

One of the biggest hooping news stories to date hit the web this weekend and has already spun up syndication all over the place. Hooping can control body weight according to a new study examining the physical benefits from the American College of Sports Medicine. In Denver, Colorado, research being presented at the 58th AnnualContinue reading “Research Shows Hooping Can Control Body Weight”