Spreading her wings

Sacred Heart Middle School eighth grader Cate Perakslis spreads her wings while she and her classmates performed with Dallas Chief Eagle II during an assembly at Sacred Heart School’s Link Auditorium in Yankton Friday. Chief Eagle, who is a recognized master of the Lakota Hoop Dance, worked with Sacred Heart students throughout the week asContinue reading “Spreading her wings”

CARA ZARA Hoop Dancer Performs at First Night Charlotte 2013

I’ll be performing at First Night Charlotte for Kids Night tomorrow to bring in the New Year! I’ll be at the NASCAR Museum sharing hoops from noon-5pm and performing at the ‘High Octane Theatre’ at the museum at 2pm & 3:30pm. Please come say “hi” and if you are there for my show I’d loveContinue reading “CARA ZARA Hoop Dancer Performs at First Night Charlotte 2013”

Cara Zara Library 2013 Summer Reading Program. Hula Hoop Performance Presentation.

Cara Zara Presentation at the SC Library Performers Showcase in Charleston SC for the 2013 Summer Reading Program. Combining hula-hooping and this summer’s theme of “underground” was challenging but after a lot of digging around (pun intended) I designed a performance that’s an amazing fit. CARA ZARA HULA-HOOP ENTERTAINER SUMMER READING PROGRAM 2013 Performance Theme:Continue reading “Cara Zara Library 2013 Summer Reading Program. Hula Hoop Performance Presentation.”

Nicolas Longuechaud Mesmerizing Hoops

I really don’t need to say anything about this. Mesmerizing…. Ok maybe one thing – if you squint and blur your vision the hoops look like Cookie Monster’s eyes. CARA ZARA HOOP DANCE ENTERTAINER & TEACHER Hula-Hoop Parties, Festivals, Classes, Summer Camps & More 704-540-1456 ~ cara at carazara.com ~ CaraZara.com +++++++++++++++++

Cara Zara’s Hula-Hoop Students’ Performance

This is the year end performance for my hula-hoop students. These girls played with their hoops every Monday afternoon for 12 weeks and did a great job at their big show. I’m so proud of them. I teach an after-school “Hula-Hoop Kid-Fit” program at schools throughout Charlotte Mecklenburg. My passion is encouraging children to be playfullyContinue reading “Cara Zara’s Hula-Hoop Students’ Performance”