Steampunk Hoop Dancing

The International Special Events Society (ISES) recently celebrated their 25th anniversary at the Blake Hotel. It was an honor to perform at the 2012 Events in Excellence (EVIE) celebration and awards ceremony. This year’s EVIE Awards theme was Steampunk: “The Future of Yesterday”. The atmosphere was over-the-top. The designers, caterers, event and entertainment planners didContinue reading “Steampunk Hoop Dancing”

Rit Dye for Costumes

Rit Dye is the most amazing stuff! I’ve been hesitant to use it fearing the mess and lack-luster results. Probably based on my first (and only) experience trying to dye a really ugly hand-me down sofa a billion years ago. Yes I thought I could remove the outer cushion covers and dye them black and wrap the base in aContinue reading “Rit Dye for Costumes”

Recycled Cemetary Flower Dresses by Susan Lenz

I have a fascination with Fairies and was searching for ideas for a Fairy costume that I’m making when I stumbled upon these recycled cemetary flower dresses by fiber artist Susan Lenz. She’s brilliant! This was exactly the inspiration I was looking for…