Everyone’s Talking About Hula Hooping! glamour.com

From Glamour Magazine… I think we’re experiencing a hula hoop revival. Everywhere I look, someone’s talking about them! Truth be told, I’m a huge fan. They make me feel like I’m exactly 12 years old, and I can’t take a spin without giggling. Fun, yes, and healthy too, say some fitness experts. Do you ownContinue reading “Everyone’s Talking About Hula Hooping! glamour.com”

Whip It!

Go For It Move Ahead Try To Detect It It’s Not Too Late To Whip It Whip It Good I woke up singing this song – What in the world was I dreaming about last night? Maybe I was dreaming about running away and joining the circus – which right now sounds really tempting. SomeContinue reading “Whip It!”

Hoop Performance at the Grand Opening of Funky Town Parties

I’m proud of my friend Erin Zitelli-Davis. She and her friend Jennifer opened Funky Town Parties in May. On May 22nd they hosted a fun free party to celebrate their grand-0pening. It was a groovy place to do a Hoop Dance performance. Thanks for a great time ladies! I love the DJ booth! I’ll soonContinue reading “Hoop Performance at the Grand Opening of Funky Town Parties”