Men Hula-Hoop Too!

OK this is for all the people out there that think it’s not “manly” for boys to hula-hoop. Hooping is a great art form and a perfect way to stay fit. I love the street style on his hooping technique. For all the boys that take my class… keep practicing this summer and you canContinue reading “Men Hula-Hoop Too!”

LED Circus Entertainment Fresh Take on Poi

All I can say is WOW! What are they using to create this amazing performance? I really want to play with these toys. This is a visual treat. I’m amazed at the synchronization with each other and the music. Absolutely splendid. CARA ZARA HULA-HOOP ENTERTAINER & TEACHER Charlotte NC – 704-540-1456 Event Entertainment – BirthdayContinue reading “LED Circus Entertainment Fresh Take on Poi”

Laughing Hula Hoop Baby

This cute little baby giggle the same way I do when I’m hooping. It’s funny how he starts crying when the hoop stops. CARA ZARA HULA-HOOP ENTERTAINER & TEACHER – CHARLOTTE NC – 704-540-1456 ++++

Hudsucker Proxy Hula-Hoop Craze

When I have my after school hula-hoop kid fit classes this is exactly what the kids’ faces look like when I show them what they can learn to do with a hula-hoop. Somethings never change. +++++ CARA ZARA HULA-HOOP ENTERTAINER & TEACHER – CHARLOTTE NC 704-540-1456 – WWW.CARAZARA.COM – cara at

Cara Zara and Rainebow Playing with Our New Hoop Toys

I’ve been playing with making new hoop shapes. Circles inside of circles. Circles on the outside of circles. Trios and quartette of circles. Spirals of hoops and interlocking hoops. My daughter Anneliese and I are having fun experimenting with new configurations and sizes. Here we are on an unusually nice winter day trying them out.Continue reading “Cara Zara and Rainebow Playing with Our New Hoop Toys”