Dropping Your Hoop is a Good Thing

Dropping Your Hoop is a Good Thing! by Ingrid White From Hooping.org Our first reaction as hoopers of any level might be that dropping the hoop is bad. It typically isn’t what we were planning. We might be concerned about what whoever is watching us will think. It can sometimes make a great big noise too,Continue reading “Dropping Your Hoop is a Good Thing”

Schoolhouse Rock – The Body Machine and Hula Hooping

Schoolhouse Rock knows how to explain the relationship between fitness and food! Exercise animation: weight-lifting, jump-roping, rowing, dancing, and of course… HULA-HOOPING. In fact hula-hooping is throughout this fun clip and featured at the end. LOVE IT! +++++++++++++++++ CARA ZARA HULA HOOP TEACHER & ENTERTAINER CHARLOTTE NC / 704-540-1456 Want more info on hooping, classes,Continue reading “Schoolhouse Rock – The Body Machine and Hula Hooping”