CARA ZARA Hula Hoop Party Featured in Charlotte Smarty Pants

Party with Cara Zara by Tina Hicks – Charlotte Smarty Pants Remember when you were a kid and found pure entertainment playing outside with a jump rope, chalk or piece of mulch to create hopscotch, or with a hula hoop? I hold many fond memories of giggling with my friends while playing these simple, funContinue reading “CARA ZARA Hula Hoop Party Featured in Charlotte Smarty Pants”

Hula-Hoop Guard Game

Let your inner goalie shine in this one-on-one game of quick reflexes. by Curt Hinson What You Need Two players (or multiple pairs of two) 1 hula hoop for each player 1 beanbag or soft object per pair Instructions Lay the hoops on the ground with their rims about 8 feet apart. Standing inside theirContinue reading “Hula-Hoop Guard Game”