Bully Myth #3: The bully is always bigger

Bullying is often about power, and a child who bullies is often trying to counteract something that’s going wrong (real or perceived) in his own life. “In fact, there’s a strong case to be made that a bully is typically smaller,” Mayer says, adding that the aggression could be inspired by the bully’s lack ofContinue reading “Bully Myth #3: The bully is always bigger”

The case against fighting a bully back

Everything we know is that the ultimate right thing to do is to ignore the bully. Turn your back on the teasing and bullying and it’ll go away,” Mayer says. “That follows Psych 101 principles.” He insists an eye-for-an-eye response is ultimately ineffective and often hurts far more than it helps. Why? Although hitting backContinue reading “The case against fighting a bully back”

The case for fighting a bully back

In some scenarios, “fighting back” in the form of verbal retorts and, when warranted, physical force can put an end to bullying. But it’s important to consider the child and the situation. “It’s safe to assume that the child who is more confidently able to defend him or herself is probably less likely to beContinue reading “The case for fighting a bully back”

Bullying Myth #2: Bullying always includes physical aggression

Bullying is when one child regularly harasses another child. This could be verbal bullying like name-calling, teasing, and using threatening language. It can also be physical abuse like punching, shoving, hitting, and spitting. It can be electronic too, via texting and the Internet. There is a gray area, however, that is important for parents toContinue reading “Bullying Myth #2: Bullying always includes physical aggression”

12 Myths of Bullying – Myth #1: You’ll know when your child is being bullied

  Just because your child doesn’t tell you he or she is being bullied doesn’t mean it’s not happening. “It’s one of those silent issues,” Williams says. Many kids don’t speak up because they think that it will lead to more abuse, because they’re ashamed, and because of the powerful unwritten code against snitching. If yourContinue reading “12 Myths of Bullying – Myth #1: You’ll know when your child is being bullied”