Cara Zara Hoop Video

Cara Zara – New Practice Video Here’s my dance room. It gets a little tricky at times because the ceiling is only 7’3″. I keep looking up because there’s a light fixture right above my head that I have to watch out for. Keeps my hoop practices challenging and I can’t do any tosses orContinue reading “Cara Zara Hoop Video”

Eleanor Powell Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Eleanor Powell in the best top hat ever! The spins in her dance routines are mesmerizing. Eleanor Powell was born in 1912 in Springfield, Massachusetts, and got her professional start in Atlantic City clubs, from where she moved into in revue in New York at the Ritz Grill and Casino de ParisContinue reading “Eleanor Powell Happy New Year”

Kids Hoop Dance Classes…

The best part about teaching kids hooping is that they just pick up the hoop and keep trying no matter how many times the hoop drops. They completely embrace the silliness of the Hula Hoop and can’t fathom taking it seriously enough to become frustrated. I love them for that quality! I’m excited about teachingContinue reading “Kids Hoop Dance Classes…”