Allegro Invitational 2010 CELEBRITY GOLF BENEFIT AUCTION September 8th, 2010 Please join us for this wonderful opportunity to mingle with local celebrities, for which all proceeds will go directly toward the 480 children with disabilities in Allegro’s more than 20 FREE movement education programs held throughout the area. Event will be held at the Ballantyne Country Club and I’llContinue reading “Allegro Invitational 2010”

For Amber… The Autistic Girl I Dance with at Allegro Foundation.

One early morning as I was walking along the beach I discovered a figure at a distance moving like a dancer. As I got closer I noticed that the figure was a young girl Maybe 9-10 years old and she wasn’t dancing. She was reaching down to the shoreline Picking up small objects and throwingContinue reading “For Amber… The Autistic Girl I Dance with at Allegro Foundation.”

2010 Special Olympics – Allegro Foundation

Today was the opening ceremony for Special Olympics. I am so proud of the students that participated today. They were all amazing and have worked so hard. Bravo to all!


I volunteer as a dance teaching assistant to help the Allegro Foundation. Below is some information about them from their website – please consider supporting this wonderful organization! +++++++++++++++++ IMAGINE that you are a child confined inside your classroom, strapped into a wheelchair while your classmates play outside during recess. They have not invited youContinue reading “ALLEGRO FOUNDATION”