Hula-Hoop Cha Cha Slide Video

Start the video at the 45 second mark. I love her Cha Cha move!! CARA ZARA – HULA-HOOP ENTERTAINER & TEACHER – 704-540-1456 – CARA@CARAZARA.COM – WWW.CARAZARA.COM +++++++

Hoopnanny 2011 Ft Awesome Hoop Retreat Video

Hold on to your hat! This video gives the perspective of the hoop in motion. Shot at Hoopnanny¬†2011 and featuring some amazing hoopers from NC & SC. Huge thanks to Dorne, Wendy, Jim & Laura for opening up Ft Awesome to your friends for a delightful hoop experience. HoopNanny¬†is a Hula hoop event held atContinue reading “Hoopnanny 2011 Ft Awesome Hoop Retreat Video”