How to Hula-Hoop Rap Song

Guys can hula hoop too! A rap music video on how to hula hoop by HoopsmilesĀ aka Jon Coyne, featuring hooping by Spinyang.

Hula Hoop Cheerleading Princess

Wow! That’s a combination of skills! ++++++  

Boy Hula Hooping on Ellen Show

Hula hooping returned to the Ellen DeGeneres television show, only this time around it was a hula hooping boy taking part in a segment on audience member hidden talents. ++++  

Hooping Basics – Practice!

Teaching a child to hula-hoop requires a great deal of patience and giving them tons of encouragement. Most important is for them to practice, practice, practice. Hula hooping is not a skill that comes automatically to everyone. If the children are not quick to master the skill of hip hula hooping, show them other waysContinue reading “Hooping Basics – Practice!”