A DIRTY LETTER – WTRF – Wrong treatment of children

UGH!! MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL! A news station in West Virginia (WTRF) posted this teacher’s note which told parents to clean their children before sending them to school. ‚ÄúTELL US: Do you think the teacher is out of line? A DIRTY LETTER: A school teacher took measures into her own hands. She sent out thisContinue reading “A DIRTY LETTER – WTRF – Wrong treatment of children”

Time for Hula-Hooping

My daughter’s “Time Log” classroom project. 6:03am Wake Up 6:20am Eat Breakfast 7:00am Go To School 10:00am Recess 11:00am Lunch 3:00pm Go Home 3:00pm Hula-Hoop 4:15pm Homework 7:40pm Eat Dinner 8:00pm Go To Bed I love that Anneliese put “Hula-Hoop” on her daily time-log. That’s my girl! CARA ZARA HULA-HOOP ENTERTAINER & TEACHER Charlotte NCContinue reading “Time for Hula-Hooping”

Cara Zara Hula-Hooping at Strawberry Festival 2012 Fort Mill SC

I’ll be hula-hooping again this year at the Fort Mill SC Strawberry Festival to encourage kids to have healthy active lifestyles! Come join me for this fun festival with lots of family friendly activities. Day/Time: Saturday May 5, 2012 / 10:30-11:30am Location: Piedmont Medical Center’s Healthy Hometown – North White Street near Entrance Gate 4Continue reading “Cara Zara Hula-Hooping at Strawberry Festival 2012 Fort Mill SC”