Caroleeena and Mulder’s Hoopdance at Hoop Convergence

My lovely friend Caroleeena and her little “Sparrow” Mulder dancing together at Hoop Convergence. Caroleeena can (as the saying goes) charm the bird from the tree. I think it’s because of her amazing soul and smile.

Hooping and Drumming at drumSTRONG 2013

Register for drumSTONG Join celebrity artists and thousands of good people (Globally) in a unique, multicultural, musical charity event showcasing available resources that support people with cancer and those who love them. We gather in rhythm to BEAT cancer! Featuring a non-stop *Drum Circle, full stage with great entertainment and many important cancer health resourceContinue reading “Hooping and Drumming at drumSTRONG 2013”

Cara Zara Hula Hooping at Waxhaw Spring Festival

I’ll be performing at the Waxhaw Spring Fest May 18, 2013 with shows at 11am and 1pm. Come join the festivities and spin some hoops with me! Spring Fest marks the beginning of a year filled with reasons to spend time in Waxhaw! This two-day festival takes place the third weekend in May and featuresContinue reading “Cara Zara Hula Hooping at Waxhaw Spring Festival”