Dealing with a Bully – What do I do?

[NOTICE: video contains explicit language]

I’m proud of this boy for going to his dad and for his non-violent stance. He says he went through the proper channels at the YMCA to get help and I’m incredibly disappointed that he was still struggling afterward and needed to contact Zaya X. I’m glad they let his voice be heard because this needs to stop. I disagree with him about resorting to violence as a solution and I’m glad he rethought that advice and talked about the possible dangerous consequences.

A 14 year old is a child regardless of his size and a 22 year old man bullying a 14 year old is criminal. Hopefully the YMCA reported this person to the authorities.

I hope they can follow up with this boy. If he’s still having trouble and his local YMCA isn’t helping him or isn’t effectively getting the abuse to end this child needs to be strong and either on his own or with his dad’s help contact the highest level at the YMCA. Kevin Washington became the new CEO of the YMCA on February 1, 2015 just a few weeks before this video was published. According to the YMCA website Mr. Washington is credited for “investing in communities, ensuring all people have access to the Y and implementing programs that are helping thousands of children and families to learn and thrive.” I have faith that Mr. Washington would care about what’s happening and would help.

The YMCA should be a safe place – especially for kids.

YMCA Headquarters: Telephone 1-800-872-9622 email: Mail: YMCA of the USA, 101 N Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606

Kevin Washington CEO Jorge Perez, Vice President of Youth Development.

If he decides to contact the National YMCA and has any difficulty getting help – tell him to contact me – I’ll help him do it.

Copyright 6-20-15 ~ Cara Zara


Published by Cara Zara

Professional entertainer and educator Cara Zara has performed at festivals, events, libraries, charity functions, and summer camps throughout the Southeast and has interacted with over 250,000 children. She has been teaching her popular programs since 2011 and has taught at over 200 private and public schools throughout Charlotte-Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. She loves inspiring children to learn and be physically active through fun movement and laughter.

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