Cara Zara Library 2013 Summer Reading Program. Hula Hoop Performance Presentation.

Cara Zara Presentation at the SC Library Performers Showcase in Charleston SC for the 2013 Summer Reading Program.

Combining hula-hooping and this summer’s theme of “underground” was challenging but after a lot of digging around (pun intended) I designed a performance that’s an amazing fit.


Performance Theme: Story of the Root Children
Under the ground, deep in the earth, among the roots of the trees, the little root-children were fast asleep all winter long. So begins the lyrical, magical story of nature in Sibylle von Olfers’ classic 1906 German children’s book, The Story of the Root Children.  The children spend the winter asleep deep underground in the care of wise Mother Earth. When spring comes they wake up, sew new gowns and capes, clean and paint the beetles and bugs, and climb out into the lovely warm spring sunshine. After playing in the fields and meadows all summer, Mother Earth kindly ushers them back to their home underground to prepare for the return of winter.

Performance Description:
Cara Zara begins by reading The Story of the Root Children then as “Mother Earth” she guides the library children through a reenactment of the tale. As “root children” they play with fun props representing winter, spring, summer and fall. Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons plays lushly in the background as Cara Zara performs a Hoop Dance routine to one movement from each season. This delightful and engaging library program incorporates the “underground” theme, storytelling, nature, the cycle of seasons, literature, illustration art, classical music, dance, and the allure of spinning hula-hoops.

Cara Zara – Hoop Dance Entertainer & Teacher
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Cara Zara Hoop Dancer entertains at festivals, corporate events, library summer reading programs, private event and children’s birthday parties.

Cara Zara has taught thousands of children the art and fitness of hooping with her popular “hula-hoop kid-fit” after-school enrichment program.

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Published by Cara Zara

Professional entertainer and educator Cara Zara has performed at festivals, events, libraries, charity functions, and summer camps throughout the Southeast and has interacted with over 250,000 children. She has been teaching her popular programs since 2011 and has taught at over 200 private and public schools throughout Charlotte-Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. She loves inspiring children to learn and be physically active through fun movement and laughter.

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