Hula-Hooping in a Wheelchair – The Story by Anneliese

Recently I posted about a little boy that learned a new way to hula-hoop while in his wheelchair. My daughter liked the story so when she had a book project to do it was the inspiration for her story.  Here’s the full story…

Hula-Hooping in a Wheelchair

By: Anneliese

This book is dedicated to my Mom (who is a hula-hoop teacher) because she had a boy in her class who was in a wheelchair. She told me about him and how he learned to hula-hoop. She also helped me type the story.

One day there was a little girl named Cara. Today was the first hula-hoop class and Cara broke her leg the day before and now she can’t hula-hoop.

”Hi my name is Cara Zara what’s your name?” said the hula-hoop teacher.

“Cara” said little Cara.

“Hey that’s my name” said Cara Zara.

“I know I can’t hula-hoop in my wheelchair” said little Cara.

“I will get the class going and then I will teach you some moves you can do” said Cara Zara.

So after Cara Zara taught little Cara one move little Cara started doing all these different kinds of moves on her own. She was spinning around in her wheelchair while holding on to the hula-hoop. She was hula-hooping on her hand above her head and lots of other tricks too.

Cara Zara told her students that it’s always important to find a new way to do something when you have trouble or something that gets in your way.

Cara Zara was so proud of little Cara and she was her best student. Little Cara visited Cara Zara’s house every Sunday. They were best friends.

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Cara Zara, science educator and children's entertainer has performed at hundreds of festivals, libraries, birthday parties, school assemblies, corporate events and charity functions in the Southeast and interacted with over 75,000 children.

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