Hula-Hoop Guard Game

Let your inner goalie shine in this one-on-one game of quick
reflexes. by Curt Hinson From FamilyFun Magazine

What You Need
  • Two players (or multiple pairs of two)
  • 1 hula hoop for each player
  • 1 beanbag or soft object per pair
  • Instructions
  1. Lay the hoops on the ground with their rims about 8 feet apart.
  2. Standing inside their own hoops, players try to toss the beanbag, using an underhand throw, into their opponent’s hoop. If the beanbag lands and stays in the hoop, a point is scored.
  3. Players can block throws with their hands and bodies but must remain on their feet (no kneeling, sitting, or lying down in the hoop).

Published by Cara Zara

Cara Zara, science educator and children's entertainer has performed at hundreds of festivals, libraries, birthday parties, school assemblies, corporate events and charity functions in the Southeast and interacted with over 75,000 children.

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