Cara will be on TV today!

I’ll be on TV today promoting staying fit with hula-hooping and my new Hoop Dance Fit class at J’Adore Ballroom on Saturday Mornings at 10am starting in January. So watch me! Tuesday November 30th 11am on WCNC-36 on the Charlotte Today show with Colleen Odegaard.  I’ll give tips for hooping, what type of hoop to get, what to wear, etc.  Also I’ll explain how I got started hooping and why do I do it every chance I get…. (more)

I started hula-hooping as a child.
Put the hoop down for a few decades.
Picked it up again about 4 years ago and I never want to put it down again.
Every New Year I’d make a bunch of fitness resolutions with the best intentions:
  • Run 3x a week
  • Yoga 2x a week
  • Weights 3x a week
Then I’d quickly forget all those daunting promises to myself.
Now I hoop at least 5x a week and never have to push myself to keep to the commitment. In fact I never made a commitment to do it. It just naturally happened.
Hooping combines: the cardio fun of Zumba or a hip hop class, the toning of weights/Pilates and the meditative calm that I love about yoga. As an added bonus it reminds me that I still have a little bit of silly kindergartener inside me.
What’s not to love about that!!

Published by Cara Zara

Cara Zara, science educator and children's entertainer has performed at hundreds of festivals, libraries, birthday parties, school assemblies, corporate events and charity functions in the Southeast and interacted with over 75,000 children.

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